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Soumyadeep Kabiraj

Purchased on: May 28, 2021


I liked the smell

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Manas Samanta

Purchased on: May 1, 2021


It's Amazing.For The First Time I Purchased This.A Must Buy For All The Bikers.Keeps You Fresh .Use It Twice Or Once A Week.

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Anurag Kumar Srivastava

Purchased on: April 25, 2021


Good hai

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Dr kamal Ap

Purchased on: January 22, 2021


Didnt used till now

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Rohit Keshwani

Purchased on: January 20, 2021


Great smell it's an deo for the helmet.

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Rishi K R

Purchased on: November 10, 2020


Nice product...keeps helmet smells fresh. Good value for money product

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sahad lalu

Purchased on: October 29, 2020


fragrance was so nice and it is good for this situation we are always using helmet on riding... i think the spary will kill the bacteria♡

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Jayakrishnan M

Purchased on: November 7, 2020


Fragrance is subtle and lasts for couple of days of helmet use. No more odour from the liners of the helmet.

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Charith Sannithi

Purchased on: October 31, 2020



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Kishore Sai Nadella

Purchased on: October 30, 2020


It leaves the helmet odour free and it's a good fragrance

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