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Shaving Foam - Badass Sexy for sensitive skin 150ml



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Verified Customer Reviews

nikhil deo

Purchased on: November 10, 2018


Really cool. Aftershave lotion doesn't pinch much after using this for shaving.

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Parth Sharma

Purchased on: November 6, 2018


A decent shaving foam with a nice fragrance.

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pravin yewle

Purchased on: November 3, 2018



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Abhishek Bhattacharjee

Purchased on: October 23, 2018


All superb. Bt what about moisturising fave cream for oily skin.. has it been discontinued or just outta stock? What's the alternative?

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vishal Hira

Purchased on: September 24, 2018


This is on par with international brands like kiehls . Biotherm homme . Clinique . At a fracrion of a price !! Good Job . Very impressed !

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Prateek Arora

Purchased on: July 17, 2018


Seriously Bad Ass Sexy.

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arvind yadav

Purchased on: July 16, 2018


Wonderful. The aroma is delighting and prices just rocks.

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Sandeep Bansal

Purchased on: June 6, 2018


It smells good, very smooth, Gives very cooling effect post-shave. SImply Loved it

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Santosh Ramachandra

Purchased on: May 27, 2018


This is simply superb

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Suraj Goswami

Purchased on: May 25, 2018


Good one!

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