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Daily Use Hair Conditioner - 100g



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Verified Customer Reviews

Bibek Majumdar

Purchased on: August 19, 2022


I am using the product today onwards and I will give the full feedback after some results

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Rahul R

Purchased on: June 23, 2022


Good one

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Deepak Tripathi

Purchased on: June 7, 2022


Best to use

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siddhant patil

Purchased on: June 1, 2022


Soft n velvety

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Vishal Patil

Purchased on: May 11, 2022


Pretty good.

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Akash Mishra

Purchased on: April 8, 2022


It really helped my hair look smooth and shiny.

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Vipin Viswanathan

Purchased on: March 2, 2022


I like this product.

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Mohan Chaudhary

Purchased on: January 23, 2022



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Golu Badhautiya

Purchased on: October 13, 2021


Goood warking

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Navin Ragade

Purchased on: August 29, 2021


Am a regular user of this product, awesome and best I've come across.

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