Beard Wash - Anti Dandruff - 60ml

Beard Wash - Anti Dandruff - 60ml

Say No To Beard Dandruff 





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Say No To Beard Dandruff

Gets rid of beard dandruff, at the same time controls extra oil to prevent new flakes from forming. You can thank Flax Seed & Cedarwood Oil in this Beard Wash for that. 

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About Beard Wash - Anti Dandruff - 60ml

USTRAA Anti - Dandruff Beard Wash is specially designed double-action shampoo for your beard that:
1. Gets rid of Flaky Dandruff & prevents it from returning.
2. Hydrates the skin and moisturizes the hair to give you a healthy & full beard

We've put together a combination of Prickly Pear Cactus Extract, Flax Seed Oil and Cedarwood Oil, that does all that without harming your beard. Like all our products, this beard wash is also free of parabens, sulphates and other harmful chemicals.

Ustraa is a range of grooming products, for men. Helping our Bros look their best since 2015.

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