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Base Camp Extreme - EDP -100ml - Perfume for Men



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Vallabh Sridharan

Purchased on: January 13, 2023


Its longlasting!

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Kapil Jain

Purchased on: December 16, 2022


Nice one

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Sagar Gupta

Purchased on: November 28, 2022


Guess base camp normal is better

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Abhishek Vishal Ganni

Purchased on: November 7, 2022


Ufffff dam extreme fragrance.....too good fr all day.

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Nirag Joshi

Purchased on: November 6, 2022



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Dnyanesh Bhonsale

Purchased on: November 4, 2022


Base camp cologne is my favourite. Si thought of giving this a try, and as usual it turned out to be another great smelling product.

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Vipul Solanki

Purchased on: July 9, 2022



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Naveen Verma

Purchased on: July 1, 2022


Twist of premium fragrances.

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