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Beard Softener Woody - 100g



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Verified Customer Reviews

Hitesh Sharma Rachuru

Purchased on: November 19, 2022


The fragrance and texture it gives to the beard is just awesome.... I would totally recommend this to my friends

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Vikas Kotru

Purchased on: November 6, 2022


since 6to7 years i used this product this beard softener get very good results

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Gaurav Garg

Purchased on: May 9, 2022


Very good product. I get the desired results

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Prakash Bhagat

Purchased on: May 4, 2022


Awesome and it will make you feel the difference within days.

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Navin Ragade

Purchased on: August 11, 2021


Awesome product. Lovely fragrance too.

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Ali Qureshi

Purchased on: August 19, 2021


Love the feel & fragrance

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Harsh Jaluka

Purchased on: August 12, 2021


Its a great product, not at all sticky. My only issue was my beard does feel soft on application but after 4 5hrs it becomes super hard.

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Raj S

Purchased on: June 20, 2021


Wonderful product. Great texture and lovely aroma. Definitely recommend.

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harminder singh virdi

Purchased on: June 13, 2021


Excellent product

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Erik Treasuryvala

Purchased on: June 5, 2021


It really does feel soft

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