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Scuba Cologne - 100 ml - Perfume for Men



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Prashant Kumar Mehra

Purchased on: November 13, 2022


I like the perfume but I order 1+1free and I received only 1.

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Adnan Mullaji

Purchased on: October 30, 2022


This is also good but nothing cna beat the fragnence of Base Camp

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Lokesh Lokesh

Purchased on: November 6, 2022


Good fregrance

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Biswajit Nayak

Purchased on: November 2, 2022


The best perfume i have ever brought, i also wants to buy another 2 of them but unfortunately the offer is not showing valid.

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jay savadiya

Purchased on: October 21, 2022


Amazing product

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Srinivasa N

Purchased on: October 31, 2022


I really liked the smell of the perfume.. u can feel that freshness aura from this.. love this product ♥️ and waiting to test the remaining.. ✌

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Iqbal Khan

Purchased on: October 25, 2022



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Gopal Reddy

Purchased on: October 10, 2022


Nice forfume

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Maruthi Adepu

Purchased on: October 26, 2022


Product is good and nice fragrance however it is not a long lasting. Good to go ahead

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Raj Kumar

Purchased on: October 22, 2022


Owsaaam product owsaam offer

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