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Face Wash - Oily Skin (Checks Acne & Oil Control) - 200g



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sasi shankar

Purchased on: September 1, 2022


Wow it's a really good I didn't see this type of face wash until it reaches me first impression is really very very good its very soft and I like it very much it controls oil very fine Five star's is not enough for this product Nice face wash very very good I am using it daily two times Keep it up ustraa

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Rajkamal Raghav

Purchased on: August 26, 2022



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Prashant Verma

Purchased on: August 24, 2022


It's a super prduct, I had so much oil on my face ,but after use of this day by day it reducing

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Rahul Bharati

Purchased on: August 23, 2022


Awesome as always

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sartaj mulla

Purchased on: July 31, 2022


Werrr nice

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Ashwani Chauhan

Purchased on: July 24, 2022


Not remove oil from skin also not prevent acne

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Ranjith Gowda

Purchased on: July 6, 2022


Good product awesome

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ankit pathak

Purchased on: July 5, 2022


Very good

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Ankit Malviya

Purchased on: June 29, 2022



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Mani Deep

Purchased on: June 25, 2022


Super... good... mani

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