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Hair Wax - Strong Hold, Matte Look - 100g



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Verified Customer Reviews

Tilak Joshi

Purchased on: May 3, 2021


All good with the product just the settling time is too quick.

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Amardeep Negi

Purchased on: February 27, 2021



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Yash Choudhary

Purchased on: January 22, 2021


Nice product I

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Rohit Keshwani

Purchased on: December 30, 2020


It's great

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Harikrishnan M P

Purchased on: December 25, 2020


It's really nice.... I have a smooth hair category and by using ustraa hair wax I can hold it up perfectly...

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Nissim Anand

Purchased on: November 7, 2020


Definitely very strong hold... Would not recommend for longer hairs... But amzing for styling medium to small length hair.

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Karan Sacheti

Purchased on: October 31, 2020


Have only used it once but it worked well.also, no irritation in the scalp which is always a good sign

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Supreeth Jain

Purchased on: June 25, 2020


VERY GOOD. The smell is awesome. Keep the hair in shape all day.

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Vikas Chhabra

Purchased on: June 23, 2020


Good results not the best

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