5 Ways to Treat and Prevent Razor Burn - Men's Shaving Tips | Ustraa

Every man loves a smooth clean shave. However, if you’re not careful while shaving then you may encounter irritation bumps, known as razor bumps, along the way. Razor bumps are just in-grown hair, which grow back inside the skin instead of growing out, causing a reddish bump in your skin that sometimes even causes infection. A razor bump often look like acne but is not actually one. Here are 5 ways you can take care of razor bumps

  • 1. Steam and cleanse out your pores

    Warm water helps open the pores of your skin. This prepares your skin to easily get rid of all the dead-skin, dirt and bacteria that may clog the pores of your skin, causing a bump on shaving over.

  • 2. Use a clean and sharp blade

    Using razors with old and worn out blades does not provide a smooth shave and can even cause pulling on skin. Change your razor routinely and keep the cartridge clean so that there is no dirt or hair stuck between the blades.

  • 3.  Shave with the grain

    Shaving against the grain might be your preferred choice for getting a close shave, but the hair in such cases might not grow back in their natural direction and might result in ingrown hair and razor bumps.

  • 4. Don’t Shave too close to skin

    Always use gentle pressure while shaving your skin. Shaving too close regularly can remove and damage the top layer of the skin exposing the bottom layer and increases the chances of skin irritation.

  • 5. Shave less often

    If you already have razor bumps, you should avoid aggravating them more and should not shave over them. Allow the in-grown hair to grow back normally. Use alum and give a cold compress with towel to skin after every shave.