How to Increase Beard Growth - 5 Ways to Fix Patchy Beard Growth | Ustraa

Do you avoid growing your facial hair because you don’t have substantial beard growth? Patchy beard growth is often the reason a lot of men decide not to grow a beard. Ustraa looks to aid these members of the brotherhood with a specially curated guide to tackle patchy beard growth.

  • 1. Embrace Your Beard

    Every person’s beard is different and comparing it with others does not serve our confidence right. Focus on areas where your beard growth is maximum and give it time to grow. Shaving or getting rid of your beard frequently will not be a great solution if you have a patchy beard. Keep patience till your beard grows to its full potential.

  • 2. Choose the Right Beard Style

    There is a false perception that the full beard style is the only attractive beard style. There are multiple beard styles for patchy beards that if styled and maintained according to your hair growth and your face shape, would give you a perfectly groomed look. Check out these beard styles and find which one suits you best, but make sure you use the Natural Ustraa Beard Wax for the perfect long lasting beard style.

  • 3. Care for Your Beard

    Beard is much more sensitive than hair on your scalp, which makes caring for your beard equally important. Using natural beard care products is a must if you own a patchy beard. Try using the Chemical Free Ustraa Beard Wash to keep your beard clean and hygienic and the Sulphate Free Ustraa Beard Oil 4x4 which nourishes your beard hair from the root while preventing hair damage.

  • 4. Train Your Beard

    Patchy beards are tricky when it comes to grooming. Although constant removal of the beard would inhibit beard growth but regular trimming would be essential to avoid looking shabby. You also need to guide your beard in the right direction to cover your patches. Try the Ustraa Beard Comb set to comb your beard thrice a day, keeping it neat and untangled.

  • 5. Change Your Lifestyle

    Most importantly make sure that you follow a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise reduces stress and helps in improving hair growth. Similarly, reducing the intake of processed and unhealthy food and supplementing it with nutritious food will boost beard health. Taking these small steps can take you a long way when it comes to nourishing your beard. Still want a thicker and more voluminous beard? Try the new Beard Growth Oil by Ustraa which uses Redensyl to boost hair growth in 90 days.