How To Shape Your Long Beard at Home | Ustraa

When everyone is growing a beard, to stand out, you need to create your own style. Whether you want to start a new style from scratch, or just flaunt a finely trimmed style, it's important to have the proper tools to get it right. With USTRAA 2-in-1 Beard Styler, here’s how you can shape and shave your beard the way you want.

  • 1. Find your beard shape

    When it comes to beard, one style doesn’t fit all. It's important to pick a beard style keeping your face shape in mind. For round and square shape, you should go for a longer beard style as it balances the wideness of your face, and for an oblong or rectangular shape, you should leave the hair on your cheeks thick and long.

  • 2. Prepare your beard

    Now when you know which style to go for, you should prepare your beard to get that perfect style.  Comb your beard hair in the same direction. Trim out the wild growth first to get a sharp look. USTRAA 2-in-1 Beard Styler has a precision trimmer. With its pen-hold grip, the 2-in-1 Beard Styler allows you to trim your beard fine.

  • 3. Start with the longest setting, then go close

    It is impossible to fix your beard length if you trim it short. Hence, always start with the longest setting on your trimmer. Then keep going closer to your beard according to beard length you want. USTRAA 2-in-1 Styler comes with a 4 length beard length setting up to 3mm. It is waterproof so you can easily wash it after every trim.

  • 4. Trim regularly

    Trim regularly to maintain that dapper look and prevent your beard from getting tangled. Use a wooden comb to keep your hair in check. And keep trimming your beard even as it grows.

  • 5. Shape your cheek line and neckline

    If you want to embrace a wilder and bushier look, you can simply trim off the parts of your cheek line where the density of your beard goes down to null. Otherwise, to give sharpness to your beard, shave the less dense part of your beard over your cheek to give a clean edge to your beard. For a heavier beard, keep the portion of your neck below your Adam’s apple neatly shaved, and the hair above it can be trimmed as per the shape of your beard.

  • 6. Shape your sideburns

    Sideburns can influence the sharp appearance of your beard as much as your cheek line. Unfortunately, most men forget to take proper care of it. Depending on the style you are going for, you can make your sideburn an extension of your hair or the beginning of your beard. Generally, for shorter hairstyle, it should be clean and blend with your hairstyle, while for longer hairstyle it can grow longer to the bottom of the ear. To separate your beard from the hair around the ear, use the razor end of the 2-in-1 Styler to cleanly shave off your sideburns.

  • 7. Lips don’t lie

    Make sure your moustache doesn’t grow over to reach above your upper lip. Unless you are going for a bushy moustache, you would need to regularly maintain these areas. With precision shaping blades at the back of the razor end of the styler, you can clean the longer parts of your moustache as well as that stubborn hair under the nose.