Why Ustraa Razor is Best for Smooth Shaving | Ustraa

When everyone is growing a beard, it becomes important to create your own style and stand out. Whether you want to start a new style from scratch, or just want to flaunt a finely trimmed style, it is important to have the proper tool to get a smooth, clean and comfortable shave. Those who value their shave and style simply cannot compromise on the smooth gliding experience that a 5-blade razor gives over the 3-blade razor. Teaming up with Edgewell, among the largest manufacturers of blades in the world, USTRAA has brought to you exactly that superior shaving experience with its next generation 5-blade razors – GEAR 5. Here’s how USTRAA makes your shave the best, every time –

  • 1. Ergonomic design for better control and stability

    With contoured rubber handle, this razor gives you increased stability and a better control while moving the razor over all parts of the face, providing you a smooth and consistent shave.

  • 2. Double coated blade edge

    The 5 blades are set at an angle that helps in giving you a clean shave with minimal cutting force, thus giving you a closer shave in a single swipe. It also reduces the chances of nicks and cuts.

  • 3. Precision shaping blades

    At the back of the cartridges are fine, precision shaping blades that can get you any style you want. Be it shaping a goatee, or defining your sideburns, or even those stubborn hair under the nose, USTRAA Gear 5 helps you shave anything to perfection.

  • 4. Lubrication strip with Shea Butter & Aloe Vera

    With every swipe, the strips coated with natural lubricants Shea Butter and Aloe Vera instantly reduce redness and prevent post-shave irritation.

  • 5. World class razors for superior shaving experience

    With blades designed by Edgewell(USA), the largest blade manufacturing company in the world, USTRAA Gear 5 promises you a smoother and closer shaving in a single swipe than a 3 blade razor. Each blade undergoes 40 different checks in production and over 75 checks in assembly to ensure that only the best blades reach you.